I've been bit by the travel bug. Send help!

I've been interested in exploring more of the South, something I was never interested in back home. After I learned of this coffee shop in Birmingham, my interest grew. And then I watched Sweet Home Alabama, which never gets old. The next thing I knew, I booked a trip to Alabama. It's quite random, I know and many people have expressed that. But isn't that the point of travel—to go where you've never gone? To get out of your bubble and explore a new place? I love traveling because you always learn something new about yourself and people. As you get older, you tend to think you know everything about everything but there's so much room for growth. 

Birmingham is a super hilly (even hillier than Austin), full of beautiful greenery, and is very quiet. At least where I stayed. It reminded me of the suburban town I grew up in. I recently noticed that I unconsciously book AirBnBs that are in quiet neighborhoods. I definitely miss that small town feel, which Houston lacks. I highly recommend visiting Birmingham and I wouldn't be surprised if I go back in the future. 

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Perfection was never the goal