Austin - Day Two


I'm going to miss you. You've been good to me. Aside from that one hilly mishap, I like you. I like your friendly baristas and small shop owners, and cute dogs. You give off good, creative vibes. I can breathe a little easier here. Maybe it's the abundance of plant shops and cacti. I like that you're runner-friendly and that you have taco trucks everywhere. Sure, you come off a little hipster-y and millenniall-y but who says that's a bad thing? I can't say that I like you better than Houston, but you're cool. I hope we can remain on good terms. Until next time!

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Places I Went & Recommend:

  • Lady Bird Lake *If you like people watching, running/walking, or "me time"  
  • Greater Goods Coffee Roasters *If you like beautiful design, natural lighting, and coffee
  • Apt F *If you like ceramics, candles, stationery, vintage rugs, and plants
  • Sunday Bird at H-Mart *If you like Korean food and fried chicken

Perfection was never the goal

Austin - Day One