Austin - Day One

Am I the only one who enjoys traveling solo? I can't be…right? I understand it could get lonely if you're staying somewhere longer than a week, but a weekend?

I'm so glad I decided to drive rather than take the Greyhound to Austin. I've never driven more than 49 minutes so it felt intimidating at first. The drive is really not bad because you can make a few pit stops and get lost in your playlist.

I firmly believe you have to stop at Buc-ee's if you're driving out of Houston. Because I was traveling alone, I was able to take my time and browse through the store.

Before you reach Austin, you'll come across a big sign for Hruska's. It looks like a combination of Buc-ees and a family-owned bakery. I told the cashier that I'm getting a cherry and cheese thing and she said it's a kolache. Get a kolache.

On the way to Austin, I drove past fields of wildflowers and then I saw an area where a few cars had stopped. It was full of yellow wildflowers.

This was the dialogue in my head:

Should I stop?

No. They're just flowers.

But they're so beautiful.

I stopped.

There's nothing more nerve-racking than stepping out of your car while cars pass by at 80 mph. Thankfully I used common sense and stepped out when no one was passing by.

Austin reminds me of Brooklyn and a few neighboring towns of my hometown. I was definitely not expecting that. East Austin is very walkable/bikeable and some parts are hilly. I stopped at the top of a hill after my phone fell out of the GPS holder, and I immediately regretted it. Learn from my mistake and don't do it. I don't understand why cars park at the top of a hill. Like why. How. Why? I'm getting anxious just thinking about it. Aside from that, I'm enjoying my time here. The locals are generally friendly and I even met someone who grew up in Houston. We bonded over our love of Commonbond and she gave me some recommendations.

One of the best parts of traveling solo is that you actually talk to the locals. There are moments where it can feel lonely but then you end up chatting about Squarespace with a stranger. 


Places I Went & Recommend:

  • take heart - 1111 E. 11th Street, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78702 *If you like stationery, pens, pottery, and jewelry

  • Plant Party - 1200 E. 11th Street #105 *If you like plants, pottery, and good vibes. The owner, Keri is very kind.

  • Sugar Mama's Bakeshop - 1905 S 1st *If you like cupcakes and cookies

Austin - Day Two

This little light of mine