A cliche end of year post

With the new year approaching, I thought I'd share some lessons I learned in 2017. I always love these end-of-year reflection posts because it forces you to pause and reflect. There were moments that were happy, lonely, exciting, confusing, disappointing, and hopeful. I learned how to trust in God's plan, and the bible verse I held close to my heart was Romans 8:28. 2017 was the year I got baptized, moved to a new state, and was blessed with a job I love. I also accept that I'm an introvert. Woohoo!

2017 was the year of adulting. I purchased a car, learned how to pump gas (Thanks sis!), started saving for an emergency fund, discovered Dave Ramsey, signed up for AAA, invested in a nice planner, and started wearing SPF. Despite this, I still struggle to go to bed early, I don't wash the dishes right away, and I have yet to invest in a vacuum.

Update 3/22: I purchased a vacuum! It's not great but at least I own one.

Now, onto the lessons!

1. If I'm unable to be happy for someone or I'm constantly judging them, it's a sign that something's going on in my heart. 

2. I heard this valuable piece of wisdom from my favorite blog, A Cup of Jo. Joanna's sister once told her that a boy either likes you or they don't. Ouch! But it's so true! I'm learning that I can't force someone to develop feelings for me, and there's no point in changing myself for someone else. 

3. There will be rude, insensitive, and mean people no matter what part of the country you live in. 

4. Always be yourself. 

5. Allow yourself to feel pain; whether it's a foot cramp or a broken heart. When I give myself permission to feel emotions, I'm able to process them much quicker. 

6. Arrogance of belief is a real thing. When you tell yourself you can do something, you'll do it 100% of the time. Maybe I should do laundry now.

7. It's better to be alone and in the company of one than be surrounded by people who don't truly care about you

I'm grateful to have experienced another year, and I'm truly humbled by the amount of things God's blessed me with. Bye, 2017!  

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