The one thing I do all the time, and want to stop doing

Before planning anything (i.e a coffee meeting, lunch, small gathering), I always look up the establishment on Yelp. I go through photos, look at the parking situation is, and focus on the atmosphere. I like reading through an event description, and knowing exactly what to expect.

The other day I was meeting a friend at a yoga studio, and I arrived a few minutes early. Waiting in the parking lot, I was about to do a quick Google search and I realized how ridiculous this was. I was literally two feet away and I was going to go inside in a few minutes. At that moment, I decided that I'm not going to do these searches anymore and go with an open mind and heart. 

"I'm pleasantly surprised" will be my motto for 2018.

UPDATE 12/11:

This has been very challenging to do because Yelp is fun!

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